Month: May 2017

Oh, My Poor, Poor Baby

Well, shit. We’ve lost one of our wooded friends. I know, I know… with 6 acres of them, we’re bound to lose one every now and then. But I’ll miss this big guy, welcoming me home when I turn into the driveway.

This is what a really gusty day will get you after a bunch of rain.  Our neighbor’s tree is holding it up, for now. Barely.

Our TreeGuy is coming out tomorrow to tie it up to keep it from falling the rest of the way, until he can get to it. Some trees fell on houses, elsewhere, so we aren’t the top priority. Yet.

He really hoped to save this one, and had been medicating it yearly, trying to boost repairing growth, but it looks like the driveway had already done too much damage to the roots.

It took 15 years or so, but roots and asphalt do not get along. Do not pave next to trees you’d like to keep, folks. This is going to be an on-going fight for us, probably, until we’ve only got young-ish trees next to the driveway.

(We’re not sure when the driveway was black-topped, exactly, since we’ve just been here for four and a half years. The house was built in 1977, and we’re pretty sure the driveway was gravel for a while. I’m tempted to let it revert back to gravel. Don’t think Mike would go for that though.)

The neighbor’s house is not in danger, but their fence is, and the swing set too.

Northern Sun

There are times when I wake up with a dream that sticks. Usually the sticky dreams are either really powerful, or at 6 a.m. Or both. This morning’s was both.

I’ve been playing with perception for oh… probably 40 of my 51 years, exploring that area of consciousness that allows you to step outside yourself and see the world, and your place in it, from a different angle.

This morning, I moved to a dream North Pole. (No idea if it was the real North Pole, since I’ve never been there. Heh.) Watched the sun, in a time-lapse loop, as I stood in the center of the circle of its movement. The beauty of standing in that spot grabbed my attention, blowing my mind with the I-Am.

If I-Am had eyes which could gaze back, it would be a fierce gaze of demand and daring. “Do you deny that I-Am,” it states. Not asks. No, it would never ask. It dares you to refute the statement then grabs you by the throat to tell you again, if you are so stupid as to take the dare. “I Am. This. This is what you need to understand.”

(Then when I woke, I wondered how you’d keep track of what day it is up there. Probably something like “Sun’s over that hill… it’s midnight… new day.” So, yeah. Sorry, I-Am. Still gotta cover the practicalities of existing.)

Anyway… it looked a little like this, only the sun never went as high as in the video.

Haiku: The Musical

I’ve been going through old posts from my previous blog, looking for the things I’d actually hate to lose. This is one of my favorites, from December of 2007.

My mind is a strange and wondrous place at two in the morning. It comes up with things that I find brilliant and fascinating, and that spark an “oh I must write that down!” reaction; but then, in the light of day, the brilliance dulls significantly, leading to a wry “where the hell did that come from?” This flash of “awesome insight” is particularly amusing to me, and if anything I’ve at least got an “inside joke” (reeeeeeally inside) to use to bring me a random chuckle.

So, for your entertainment, I’ll share these deep and meaningful bits of poetry with you.

First… I came up with a little haiku. Counted syllables in my sleep and everything. Did wonder though if “chihuahua” (already getting excited for this poetry, aren’t you?) would count as three syllables or five. The “hua”s could be “hoo-ah, hoo-ah” or “wah, wah” see? But I settled on three, since that’s the way I say it.


A Chihuahua is
a Haiku of a Great Dane!
Amazing it is.

So I woke up a little from that, and went “Wow! Deep! I should write it down!” Followed quickly by “Screw it… if it’s so deep I’ll remember it in the morning.” Then I went back to sleep and came up with this:

“Haiku: The Musical.” Which consists of lots of music, in musical phrasings that are 5/7/5 lengths (of notes or measures… I’m not sure), and one Haiku of dialogue sung out (with stretches of music between the lines of singing) somewhere in the middle. It was really quite lovely, the way it all worked in my head. But now, of course, it’s just… well… weird.

Hey, welcome to my world. Aren’t you glad you knocked on that door?

Love Is I Am

This one is from January 21, 2005. I woke up thinking it.

Love Is I Am

I am so true,
In love,
To who I am.

Unless I am,
About to become,
Someone else.

Entering a Contest

Getting my entry put together for this. Overwhelmed and nervous!

Condensing an entire book into a less-than-a-thousand word synopsis can be daunting. Definitely do not want it to sound like a book report!

2017 Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest


Wrote this one for my Grandmom. Such a special lady. We all miss her so much.

May 1, 1996


Looking at the shards of glass

that make up our lives,

we see the jagged edges,

sharp and painful.

You stand back,

shining your love through the glass,

and show us


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